Roger de Clare

Roger de Clare

C. of E. First School and Nursery

Maximum achievement for all in a happy, caring and Christian environment

Station Road, Puckeridge, Ware, Hertfordshire SG11 1TF

01920 821363



We follow the statutory requirements within the Early Years Framework (2012, updated 2014) and the National Curriculum (2014).  If you wish to look at these documents, please click on the the relevant link:

Early Years Framework

National Curriculum  

We all have a say in what we learn at school. When topics and areas of study are shared with pupils, they identify existing knowledge and things they would like to learn, things they need to recap or areas they need to develop knowledge and skills.   

Staff are committed to shaping their provision and practice to match the needs and interests of the children.  Therefore, there may be slight changes to the planned provision to take account of this. 

We are currently reviewing our curriculum provision and details of our curriculum offer can be found here.  We will regularly review the content and topics, especially in light of Covid-19.     We have also published details of knowledge and skills progression in each subject and long term plans for each year group (available on Subject Planning and Progression page).  Once we have set our knowledge organisers (individual plans for each unit of study) we will begin to publish these.  Details regarding the topics and opportunities on offer can be found in the first newsletter of each term.  Other information may also be given in the weekly updates.  



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