Roger de Clare

Roger de Clare

C. of E. First School and Nursery

Maximum achievement for all in a happy, caring and Christian environment

Station Road, Puckeridge, Ware, Hertfordshire SG11 1TF

01920 821363

Meet the Staff

Meet the Staff


Headteacher Laura Woods
Deputy Headteacher Kate Rogers
EYFS Teachers: Vicky Walsh
  Sarah Ellerbeck
  Kate Rogers
EYFS Teaching Assistants: Helen Jones 
   Jess King
Julie Lovell

Miss Lindsey Halls

Nursery Lunchtime Practitioners:

Kathy Rochford, Viki Briggs, Elizabeth Stott



 KS1 Teachers: Year 1 Amy Hart and Annabelle Neo
  Louise Heinson
 Year 2 Jennifer Towns and Debra Murdoch
  Samantha Worby
 KS1 Teaching Assistants:

Amanda Currie

  Paula Leonard
                                   Elisa Turner
  Catherine Gentry

Sarah Gale 

 KS2 Teachers: Year 3 Mel Roseman
  Pallavi Nakum
 Year 4 Laura Woods and Debra Murdoch
  Rosie Haines
  KS2 Teaching Assistants:                          Kim Brown
  Viki Briggs 
  Claire Major

Gemma Adams

Sarah Fassam 

Kathy Rochford

Lindsey Halls 

Louise Burrows

Michaela Buttrey


Additional Support:


Viki Briggs, Kathy Rochford



Annabelle Neo

Sports Provision: 

Mr Matt Farley, Sportzone Ltd.  


Administration: Tracey Harding - Office Manager
  Michelle Galvin - Administrative Assistant 
Caretaker Clive Farrant
Cleaners:  CLC Ltd.
Catering Staff: Linda Glasscock 
  Sharon Collins



Angela Allen

Maria Folan

Tracy Purver


 School Crossing Patrol:

Jennifer Stacey, Suzanne Anderson

 PPA/Supply Staff:

Elizabeth Stott, Jill Walsh, Carole Noble, Sportzone


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