Roger de Clare

Roger de Clare

C. of E. First School and Nursery

Maximum achievement for all in a happy, caring and Christian environment

Station Road, Puckeridge, Ware, Hertfordshire SG11 1TF

01920 821363

Parent and Pupil Voice

Parent and Pupil Voice

At Roger de Clare School we are always keen to improve things for our children and their families. We encourage all to have a say in what we do and strive to review and reflect on everything.  To help us gain an understanding of people's views we send out regular questionnaires and ask for feedback.


What do our stakeholders have to say about Roger de Clare? 

"It's great to see how well he's getting on."

"Still love Roger de Clare, no problems at all with teachers."

"Informative and helpful.  Lovely to look at xxx's work."

"I've never known a school where the children run across the playground to get in so eagerly.  I walk away happy because I just know he's going to have a great day."

"Xxx is completely engaged and excited in her learning and talks a lot about her work at home.  The parents consultation as always was informative and once again we can see clear progress.  I think the teaching is accelerating her progress."

"Thank you for time this evening and for being available in the mornings.  It's great seeing the work and understanding how we can help."

"So pleased with the way my daughter is challenged in all the areas of learning.  Really clear next steps."


OFSTED also collect parent views through their website.  Click here to access Parent View.



Parent Questionnaires

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