Roger de Clare

Roger de Clare

C. of E. First School and Nursery

Maximum achievement for all in a happy, caring and Christian environment

Station Road, Puckeridge, Ware, Hertfordshire SG11 1TF

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Our House System

Our House System

Roger the Bear’s PAWS

 P=positive behaviour  A=academic achievement  W=working together S=sport       

Upon entry to our school, each child is allocated a House:

  • Canterbury (green)
  • Winchester (red)
  • Hertford (yellow)
  • Dover (blue)






Within each House we try and ensure a balanced number of boys and girls. Our House system enables us to promote and reward positive behaviour whereby children can earn PAWS from Roger the Bear. The House system also enables smooth organisation of internal competitions such as Sports Day.


Roger’s PAWS

Children earn Roger’s PAWS to record their academic and non-academic achievements at our school. Children can be awarded 1,2 or even 3 PAWS for a variety of reasons. The system aims to encourage a real sense of pride and achievement as well as fostering a strong community spirit across the age range. The children collect PAWS throughout the year. Each level of PAW equates to points for the child’s House. At the end of each half-term, House points are counted and a winning House announced. 

How will the rewards be recognised?

When a child has been awarded PAWS, they are announced in the weekly celebration worship.  Stickers are given out during the session and parents receive a notification home of the award.  End of year reports also detail the awards given out during the year.  


Golden PAWS are awarded for someone who is living The Roger de Clare Way.  The award references one of the 5 principles.  


Hot Chocolate with the Head

Children can earn Hot Chocolate with the Head for living our values.  This is awarded weekly.  



A winning House is announced half-termly, although House points are totalled weekly before/during/after the celebration assembly. Rewards can range from:

  • Additional playtime
  • DVD or film afternoon
  • Trip to the local park
  • Extended ‘choosing’ in class or Key Stage
  • Non-uniform day

On our House Cup, ribbons denoting the colour of the Winning House will be displayed at the end of each half-term. 

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