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Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Information Report

Reviewed September 2020

This Information Report sets out the provision and resources available for children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) at Roger de Clare. 

The information is organised into key questions you may have about what we can do to support your child during their time with us. 


Who are the best people to talk to at Roger de Clare about my child's special educational needs and/or disability?

Your child's class teacher knows your child best.  Talk to your child's teacher about your concerns.  Following your talk, if agreed, the class teacher will then discuss your concerns with the school SENCO (Claire Bishop).  You may wish to arrange a meeting with the SENCO who can be contacted via email If you continue to have concerns please arrange to discuss these with the Headteacher.If you continue to have concerns arrange to discuss these with the Headteacher.

How will the school let me know if they have any concerns about my child's learning, special educational needs or disability?

Your child's class teacher may initially speak to you at the beginning or end of a normal day and arrange a further time to discuss the concerns, whilst Covid-19 precautions are in place, this discussion will be by phone or Microsoft Teams.  The class teacher may also talk to you about any issues at our termly Parent Consultations.  The class teacher will discuss the support and strategies that will be put in place to support your child and his/her needs.

How will the school consider my views and those of my child with regard to his/her special educational needs and/or disability? 

At Roger de Clare, we believe it is very important for parents and carers to be involved in all areas of their child's learning and we actively encourage discussions.  We believe, where appropriate, that it is essential to understand your views and, if appropriate, your child's views on any difficulties they may experience with their learning.  You will be able to share your views and discuss your child's progress at regular meetings across the year.  In addition, if your child has an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP) you and your child will be able to share your views at the annual review.   

How does Roger de Clare ensure the teaching staff are appropriately trained to support my child's special educational needs and/or disability?

At Roger de Clare, we believe that your child's learning needs will first be met through the high quality teaching delivered by his/her class teacher.  We regularly review the school training schedule and professional development for all teaching and support staff to ensure there is appropriate expertise to support children with special educational needs.  The school is able to access training programmes from different organisations including Herts for Learning, Hertfordshire Specific Learning difficulties specialist teacher Outreach Service and St Claire's Hospice.  We also work closely with other external agencies such as Educational Psychologist, Speech and Language, Hearing Impairment Advisory Teachers, Health and Communication Disorders Team.  A breakdown of example support strategies used at Roger de Clare can be found on our Provision Map  

How will the curriculum and the school environment be matched to my child's needs?

We carefully plan our curriculum to match the age, ability and needs of all children.  The class teacher will adapt lesson planning and teaching to match your child's special educational needs and/or disability.  Additional specialist advice is sought from external agencies when necessary and with your permission.  Roger de Clare reviews its policies and procedures regularly to ensure that all children have the fullest acess to the curriculum and the school site. 

What types of support may be suitable and available for my child?

This will depend upon the nature of your child's needs.  There are four areas of need, as defined by the SEND Code of Practice 2014 (a link to SEND: A guide for parents and carers can be found here).  These are defined as:

  • Communication and interaction
  • Cognition and learning
  • Social, emotional and mental health difficulties
  • Sensory and/or physical needs

We treat every child as an individual and will tailor our provision accordingly.  Please refer to the Provision Map above for examples of what this may entail.  We also value your views about the support strategies we provide for your child and therefore your feedback will be very important to us.  It is vital that we are aware of particular interests that we may be able to use to further engage your child.  We may also provide you with tasks and activities to complete at home. 

How will Roger de Clare support my child with transition between year groups and schools?

When children move into a new year group at Roger de Clare we ensure a thorough and comprehensive handover of information to the new teacher and support staff involved.  Each child on our SEND register has a profile which details support strategies and external agency involvement.  The profile also records our regular assessment of intervention strategies and his/her regular learning within the class.    These profiles are passed on to the new teacher so that he or she is aware of what strategies have been put in place.  When your child moves to a new school, the information is passed on through discussion and handover with the school SENCO and, where possible, new class teachers. Individual programs of transition will be put together for each child that requires it.  This may include social stories, extra visits to the new class/school, targeted activities discussions with external professionals and meetings with new staff. 

If I have any other questions about my child and his/her learning at Roger de Clare, who can I ask?

You can speak to:

  • Your child's class teacher
  • The Key Stage leader
  • The SENCO
  • The Headteacher

Where to access support.

There are some services that parents/carers can access without a school referral. This includes the school nursing team which can advise on a range of health areas including;

  • Promoting physical and mental health activities.
  • Helping families that need a little extra support, including specific parenting issues, emotional difficulties and coping with long term conditions.

parents/carers can make a referral using the form on the following website 

Parents can also access support through the following helplines:

EP Contactline: 01992 588574 (Wednesday, 2-4:30pm)
Speech and Language Advice Line: 01992 823093 or check
Communication and Autism Team Advice Line: 01442 453920 (Tues & Wed 1:30-4pm)
Mental Health needs – Schools and Families Advice Line (SFAL): 0300 777 0707 

Parents/Carers can also access a range of free training covering a variety of needs including Autism, Behaviour, Dyspraxia, ADHD and Mental Health issues through Delivering Specialist Provision Locally (DSPL3).

Parents and Carers can also self refer to SEND Family Support Team using the following website 

Support  can also be found through Hertfordshire's Local offer. The Local offer lets parents know what special educational needs and disability services are available in Hertfordshire and who can access them.


School Policies:

SEN Policy

SEN policy.docx

Communication Policy 

Communication Policy 2019.docx

 Useful Links:

Kids Hub East
Hertfordshire Hubs offer information and support for parents/carers of children with a disability/special educational need aged 0-19. Call 01992 504013

Family Lives
Parenting and family support (formerly Parentline Plus), 24 hour helpline 0808 800 2222

British Dyslexia Association
Or call the helpline on 0333 405 4567

Dyslexia Action
Or call the helpline on 0300 303 8357

Dyspraxia Foundation
Or call the helpline on 01462 454 986

National Autistic Society
r call the helpline on 0808 800 4104

DSPL3 Services Directory
DSPL3 Local Services March 2016.pdf

Communication Trust

Young Minds (Mental Health Services)

Winston's Wish (Bereavement Services)

Covid-19 Response
Currently we are accepting visits from external professionals.  All external professionals have to adhere to the School Covid-19 Risk Assessment.  External professionals will wear PPE when observing/ working with a child.  As a school we are continuing to follow our programme of interventions and ensuring that all children's needs are met.  This academic year we are running 'drop in' Pastoral care sessions every morning to accommodate children that need the opportunity to talk through their emotions at the start of the day. 

 Below are links to information from Hertfordshire Educational Psychology team on supporting children to return to school during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Parent information on supporting their child to return to school (recorded presentation):
Returning to school resource: